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Through your support we are able provide additional care for the residents at Hale Pulama Mau through our monthly Friendship Teas and annual Adopt-a-Mom event as well as find new ways to enrich their lives. Your support also goes to provide academic scholarships to students focused on gerontology and women's health and to provide grants to individuals or non-profits who are perpetuating Japanese culture in Hawaii. Here are the ways you can support our financially support our mission.


Through your donations we can continue to enrich the local community in the area's of culture, education, gerontology and women's issues. Whether through support activites for the 2nd floor residents at Hale Pulama Mau, providing grants to local non-profits and individuals, or academic scholarships for local students in the geriatric field, your donation of any amount is graciously needed.

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We have released two publications. A revision of our awarding winning 2004 Kokoro Book and a cookbook filled with all the local recipes of the japanese hawaiian community, Sharing With Heart.

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