Friendship Teas

The heart of community service


Under the presidency of Alice Noda (1954-1956), there was a desire among the early members of JWSF, in partnership with Kuakini Home, to build and maintain, a care home where elderly women of limited means could be cared for. It took 25 years of fundraising to fund the $360,000 for the second floor of Hale Pulama Mau for the care of women residents. There is a plaque displayed on the second floor that reads: “This floor dedicated to the JWS of Honolulu, 1980.”

Monthly Friendship Tea

When Alice Noda’s daughter, Mrs. Lillian Yajima, became JWS President (1979-1981), ideas of how to encourage close contact between members and the residents of the newly opened care home, got her thinking. The Friendship Tea materialized and made its debut in November, 1980. In 2007, the Friendship Tea and the Christmas Tea were extended to the geriatric care residents of the 3rd-6th floors. Through the generosity of JWSF members and organizations such as the Shufu Society of Hawaii and the Hawaii Fujioka Kenji Kai, residents enjoy dishes such as kabocha, tamagoyaki, nishime, namasu, that are caringly prepared for them. Entertainment by groups performing their special musical venues bring memories of favorite songs and dances. At the end of the afternoon as each resident leaves the Hale Pulama Mau Auditorium, their thank yous give us the opportunity to say ‘thank you too for coming and see you at the next Friendship Tea.’

Holiday Friendship Tea

JWSF continues its commitment to the residents of the Second Floor Care Home with friendship teas held in October, January and April. Halloween activities and games in October; bingo in January; and cultural crafts planned by JWSF’s Past Presidents foster a close fellowship with members and the residents. New members are encouraged to attend a Second Floor Tea as a way to meet the residents and to see what is done at a Friendship Tea in a smaller setting.

Friendship Tea Schedule

Due to the uncertainty of large group gatherings pertaining to the elderly, a Friendship Tea schedule for 2021 is on hold.